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Success Stories

Dr. Robyn:
"Thanks you so much (its long overdue) for everything that you have done for our family throughout my pregnancy as well as answering all the countless new parent question that we have. I know that chiropractic played a huge role in making my pregnancy, birth, and recovery so easy. It's also nice to have someone that know babies as well as you do to adjust Brady. Thanks again. "
- Dana, Brent and Brady M.

Dear Dr. Robyn,
"This letter long overdue. I want to personally thank you for all the help you've been to my family over the past few years. Beginning with Bob, my husband. With your gentle adjustments and exercise tips, he's feeling much better these days. Robbie, our ten year old son has probably benefited the longest and the most from seeing you. When we first began seeing you, his spine was pretty much out of whack. We didn't even realize it. After pointing out a few things to us, such as, uneven shoulders and uneven hips, it was easy to understand that we needed to help him get things straight. When he is aligned properly, he feels better, sleeps better, eats better and just has an overall easier time with daily routines. This is such a noninvasive, holistic approach to his health. Maggie is our eight year old daughter and growing rapidly. She benefits from the occasional adjustments too. Helping keep her spine straight seems to help keep her in balance with life. Kelly, our three year old.....I'm the one who's benefited the most here. Bob and I were very concerned about her behavior recently. After talking to you and receiving a few adjustments for her, we're really on the right track now. There is absolutely no comparison in her attitude, behavior and overall happiness since we've taken your suggestions concerning her diet. I'll be eternally grateful to you for the time and attention you've given me. It's happened twice and if it never happens again, that will be just fine with me. About a year ago, Bob and I went to Chicago for the weekend. Big plans, just the two of us, sitters back at home for the entire weekend. We flew up on Friday night and something happened to my back. It was killing me. To make a ling story short, we flew back Saturday and drove directly to your office where you treated me and calmed me down. This was on Saturday night. You opened your office just for us. Fortunately, after one or two more visits, everything was under control. Thank goodness! Dr. Robyn, I know you'll continue to do well in your professional life and in your personal life. It's great to know you and we appreciate knowing that you are just a phone call away. Thanks for being there for our family. We look forward to our future maintenance visits with you. "
-Peggy M.

"I have been very pleased with the treatments I have had from Dr. Lawrence over the course of the last nine months. She is very quick to diagnose a problem and to design simple treatment plans which are both effective and remarkably painless. Her approach, which is both intuitive and scientific, employs more-to-the-point, in-office testing and measurement than I have yet seen in the forty years I have used Chiropractic care. Additionally, her follow-up care is quite is thorough, and results in palliations and improvements which are most agreeable. My initial major compliant (left sacroiliac) has almost entirely resolved after six annoying years, in part due to to the introduction of a heel-lift in the left shoe which "evens out my walking load," and thereby conservers the LSI. This testimonial is freely given, and may be used in any way the doctor sees fit."
-Alan C.

"My mom (95 years old) and myself (64 years old) are so fortunate to have Dr. Lawrence in our lives. Because of Dr. Lawrence's knowledge, skills, and unique training she has been able to diagnose specific issues for both my mom and myself that were not addressed or found by conventional methods. We continue to see Dr. Lawrence "to nip in the bud" problems long before they manifest. We have found this to be more economical in time, money and energy!"
-Mary Ann

"Hi. I, Mari F., have been a recipient of Robyn's care for over 4 years and I am thankful for meeting her! Robyn's approach to healing is a little bit different from others in her field because she understands the connection of Mind, Body, and Spirit. She is aware that as she is treating your spine she is also treating other aspects of your life. I don't take my back for granted. It takes care of me so I take care of it by coming to Robyn once a month for her TLC. It feels good therefore I feel good. Get Well - Be Well. "

"I have been to 4 other chiropractors before coming to Dr. Robyn. the other chiropractors were good, but I like the way Dr. Robyn adjusts me. Another procedure Dr. Robyn does is a periodic re-check which I have never had done with the other chiropractors. This is very good because it rates or scores your progress. It gives Dr. Robyn an idea on how to continue your care. Every time I come into see Dr. Robyn I get a tune-up, just like your car. When I leave I feel much better. In addition I like Dr. Robyn's personality! So, all you people with back, neck, hip, leg, shoulder, allergies, stomach problems come in and see Dr. will be glad you did!"

Pete K -
St. Louis, MO


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